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What are common motorcycle insurance exclusions?

New Mexico law requires motorcycle operators to show proof of responsibility by, for example, providing evidence of insurance meeting the minimum requirements for property and bodily injury. Of course, many additional forms of coverage are available to motorcycle owners, but violating your policy terms may result in not being covered for an accident. To discuss insurance exclusions or other aspects of motorcycle insurance, the Franklin Insurance Agency team serving Rio Rancho, NM, is here to help.

Common Motorcycle Insurance Exclusions

Insurance exclusions are provisions in your policy that eliminate coverage under certain circumstances. Typically, exclusions address unsafe uses, behaviors, equipment, or other factors that increase the risk or severity of an accident and the resulting losses. Motorcycle insurance exclusions vary by policy and the coverage purchased, but typical exclusions are damages and injuries that occur while:

  • Racing or riding in an organized race, whether on a temporary or permanent racetrack
  • Committing a criminal act
  • Acting as an employee or for hire, such as delivering products or transporting passengers
  • Riding recklessly or during an act of intentional act to damage property or hurt others or yourself
  • Under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances such as cocaine, marijuana, or narcotics
  • Lending your motorcycle to another driver not named in your policy.

Your policy details each exclusion, so we recommend you review each with your agent to ensure you understand them and the steps needed to ensure compliance while riding. Compliance also helps ensure you operate your motorcycle safely and responsibly.

Working With Franklin Insurance Agency

If you live in or near Rio Rancho, NM, the friendly team at Franklin Insurance Agency is ready to address all your motorcycle and other insurance needs. So, give us a call or stop in to see us today.