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Protecting Your Bike in New Mexico’s Winter Rain and Snow

New Mexico’s coldest months, December and January, require bike storage. These rainy and snowy months inundate the typically arid state, and temperatures drop to the 20s and 30s Fahrenheit. This means bike owners need to park in a garage or storage building.

Franklin Insurance Agency explains the most secure and warm places in Rio Rancho, NM, where you can park your bike for winter.

Park Your Bike in Your Home’s Garage

While a bike cover works excellently in spring to cover your motorcycle, to avoid damage during winter’s harsh conditions, park your bike in your home’s garage during the coldest months. Either an attached or detached garage keeps it locked up tight and warm. Before you park it for the cold season, double-check the garage insulation. If the room doesn’t already have central heat and air or its own heater, purchase and install one, even if it’s a space heater. Use this to keep the garage’s temperature at least in the 50s.

Rent a Storage Unit

Most locations offer at least one storage facility with large rooms to serve as a garage. Typically, these units contain a roll-up garage door and can accommodate a bike and car. If you own a condo, your condo association might provide each condo owner with a storage unit. If it isn’t climate-controlled, add a space heater to keep the bike warm enough. Climate-controlled facilities usually refer to a complex that heats and cools its storage units. A climate-controlled unit typically maintains a temperature of about 70F to 80F during summer but temps of about 56F to 66F during winter.

Renting a Garage Space

Large-scale parking garages rent parking spaces to bike and trike owners, just as they do car owners. For the motorcycle to remain safe, you’ll need a covered, enclosed space that’s heated. A monitored parking facility provides the most secure option.

Contact Franklin Insurance Agency for motorcycle insurance to protect your bike on the road. Park it safely during Rio Rancho, NM’s chilly winters.