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Is RV Insurance a Requirement?

Having RV insurance is a crucial aspect of RV ownership. It provides financial protection when unexpected incidents occur and ensures that you stay on the road. At Franklin Insurance Agency in Rio Rancho, NM, we guide customers in finding the right insurance policy according to their needs.

What Is RV Insurance Really?

Essentially, RV insurance is a contract that pays for vehicle fix-ups or medical bills when a covered event occurs. Similar to auto insurance, RV insurance offers varying protection forms, such as liability coverage or comprehensive coverage, which is chosen based on various factors like the RV’s age, repair ability, driving frequency, and more.

Is RV Insurance a Mandate?

Most states necessitate RV Insurance. However, the required coverage amount varies from state to state. Your insurance agent at Franklin Insurance Agency, Rio Rancho, NM, can clarify adequate insurance coverage for your RV.

Additionally, if you have financed your RV through a loan, your lender might require insurance coverage. This helps protect their investment if an accident occurs. The lending bank might even demand higher insurance coverage than the state requirement, which should be factored in while budgeting for a new RV.

RV Maintenance Tips While On The Road

RVs are a great way to see the U.S.; for some people, an RV can even be a great living option. Keeping up with RV maintenance is essential to make the most of your RV ownership, especially while on the road. At Franklin Insurance Agency, serving Rio Rancho, NM, we want to help you enjoy your RV ownership more. Keep reading to learn more. 

Oil Changes 

Like all vehicles, oil changes are a massive part of RV maintenance. It can be easy while traveling to forget some basic types of vehicle maintenance. Even if you are out on the road when oil changes come due, be sure to prioritize this maintenance task. 

Tire Maintenance 

Tire maintenance is essential while you are traveling long distances in your RV. Not only is tire maintenance important for vehicle care, but it can also significantly affect your safety while traveling. Tire blowouts can cause serious accidents. RVs are larger than most other vehicles, so the risk they pose to other vehicles is greater. Keep on top of tire maintenance to keep yourself and other drivers safe. 


You should also make sure that security measures are properly maintained. Allowing things such as locks to go unmaintained can put you and your family at risk while traveling. It is sometimes challenging to keep your RV safe when you are in different locations often. Ensure that locks and windows are always in good working order and secured. 

If you want to learn more about RV insurance, please get in touch with us at Franklin Insurance Agency, which serves Rio Rancho, NM, and the surrounding areas. 

Protect your RV before hitting the road

If you are an RV owner who loves to head out on the open road, be sure to have the right insurance in place first. The team at Franklin Insurance Agency is here to help residents in the greater Rio Rancho, NM area with all of their insurance needs. Call our office today to learn more about how we can help you.

Protect your RV with the right insurance policy

Before you hit the road this season in your RV, give your insurance policy a review. There are several different ways that the right policy can protect you, and it only makes sense to have the protection you need. Now is a great time to review your policy.

Liability coverage is a big concern for many RV owners. This is because of the risk of accidents and other mishaps on the road, but that’s not the only reason. If you enjoy parking your RV in a campground or park for extended periods, you will want to ensure that you have the proper protection.

RV owners who entertain a lot or have guests stay with them can be at a higher level of risk when it comes to liability. This means that you want your policy to include protection if someone is injured while visiting you. Enjoying an RV is easy to do, especially when you know that you have the protection you need!

Reach out to us today!

Franklin Insurance Agency is here to serve the insurance needs of the Rio Rancho, NM community and surrounding areas. If you want to find out more about the RV policy options that are available in our area, give us a call today!

RV Insurance You Cant Do Without

RV’s ownership gives you the freedom to explore the fantastic sceneries of New Mexico. Even better, when you carry RV insurance from Franklin Insurance Agency located in Rio Rancho, NM, you can enjoy your travels knowing that you and your investment are secure. 

If you are new to RV insurance, it can be challenging to obtain the right coverage. However, with the below advice, you can be sure that you and your RV are well protected whether your RV is on the road or parked on the driveway or garage.

Must-have RV insurance

While it’s mandatory to carry RV insurance, carrying this insurance is a lot cooler than complying with the law. RV insurance protects your investment, pays for medical expenses, covers you against liabilities, and gives you protection, just like homeowners’ insurance. However, you must add the below coverages to your policy for you to get the best out of your RV insurance.

  • Liability coverage: Whether it’s bodily damage or property damage to third parties, RV insurance ensures that you don’t pay for damages caused from your pocket.
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage: Whether parked or on the road, this is a must-have coverage. The collision insurance pays for the replacement or damages sustained by your RV in an accident. The comprehensive coverage protects your RV from a wide array of perils like theft, vandalism, fire, falling objects, storms, and other risks stated in your policy document.
  • Medical payments: Given how expensive healthcare can be, accident-related injuries can cripple you financially, especially if you don’t have health insurance. Fortunately, the medical payment coverage can rescue the day by covering accident-related injuries whether you are at fault or not.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: Did you know that approximately 1 in 8 motorists doesn’t carry auto insurance in America? For this reason, you should carry this coverage to pay for damages for hit-and-run situations or when you are involved in an accident with a motorist carrying no or insufficient insurance. 

Are you an RV owner without RV insurance? Don’t compromise your safety and that of your RV. Instead, contact or visit Franklin Insurance Agency offices in Rio Rancho, NM, to purchase customized RV insurance unique to your needs.

Three common questions regarding RV insurance

Having an RV insurance policy is essential for residents in Rio Rancho, NM who own an RV. We provide RV insurance policies at Franklin Insurance Agency, and we can help you cover your liabilities and protect your assets with the policies we offer. 

The following are three common questions you should be asking about RV insurance if you’re currently looking for the right policy.

What will an RV insurance policy provide coverage for?

What your RV insurance policy covers depends on what types of coverage you invest in. If you invest in only liability insurance, your RV insurance policy will cover the costs of any damages you are determined to be at fault for. 

If you invest in collision and comprehensive coverage, your policy will cover the costs of damages to your own RV. You could also opt to invest in contents coverage. In this case, your policy will cover the costs of damage to the possessions that you have within your RV.

Is it necessary to have coverage during times when I don’t use my RV?

It’s not a good idea to stop carrying coverage for your RV just because you’re not using it for a period of time. If you did this, you won’t enjoy coverage for damage to your RV that occurs while your RV is in storage.

Note that you can enjoy reduced policy premiums for RV coverage if your RV is not being used. Update your policy to indicate minimum usage of your RV and you’ll be surprised at how little continued coverage costs.

What impacts my RV insurance needs?

One of the most important factors impacting RV insurance needs is how much time you spend on the road in your RV. If you live in your RV full time, you need to specify this in your RV insurance policy and invest in more coverage. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about RV insurance in Rio Rancho, NM. At Franklin Insurance Agency, we’re here to help you with your insurance coverage needs!

Protect Your Investment With RV Insurance

Your RV represents a sizeable investment. Whether you use the recreational vehicle for a few months of the year or you live in it full time, you will want to do what you can to protect it. The best way to do this is with RV insurance. And if you live (or hail from) the greater Rio Rancho, NM area, the team at Franklin Insurance Agency is here to help.

Year-Round Or Select Times

The beauty of an RV is you can get in and go whenever you want. If you drive the vehicle year-round you will want an RV insurance plan that protects you in this instance. At other times you may only drive the RV at certain times of the year. Whenever you are driving your vehicle or whenever you might want the added protection, there is an RV insurance policy for you. 

Storage or On The Road

Now, you shouldn’t completely remove RV insurance even when you’re not driving it. After all, accidents happen and your vehicle can be damaged when in storage. To protect your RV you will want to have some form of protection taken out on it. Thankfully, with RV insurance, your policy can be a bit more flexible than what you might be used to with auto insurance. 

Your RV is one of the largest purchases you’ll likely make in your lifetime. Due to this, you’ll want to do what you can to protect it. With the help of Franklin Insurance Agency, when you live in or around Rio Rancho, NM your vehicle will always be protected with a number of RV insurance options. All you need to do is give the team a call to find out how you can better protect your recreational vehicle.