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Umbrella Insurance Errors To Avoid

Franklin Insurance Agency serves the Rio Rancho, NM community and the surrounding areas. We work with multiple carriers in the region. This allows us to provide our clients with an assortment of options. For over 24 years, we have had families obtain the coverage they need to plan for the future.

Umbrella Insurance Errors to Avoid

Sometimes life throws unexpected situations your way. If you aren’t prepared, things can become even worse. Umbrella insurance is a policy that you can rely on during emergencies. Umbrella insurance covers you if you are involved in a serious home, auto, or commercial liability dispute. There are multiple reasons why someone may pursue litigation against you. Perhaps you are hosting a party at your Rio Rancho, NM home, and guests play in your swimming pool. Suddenly someone slips and falls, suffering a severe injury. Perhaps you are driving home from work, and you take your eye off the road to answer a call, but you cause an accident with multiple injuries. Maybe one of your employees is pursuing legal action against you, accusing you of slander and libel. These are common liability situations where your assets may be at risk. Umbrella insurance steps in once you have reached your liability limits. While looking over your policy, avoid these common umbrella insurance errors.

Many people believe that their assets aren’t valuable enough to obtain coverage. This is a mistake. If you are involved in a liability dispute, and you lose some of your assets, it can be a complicated and challenging process to replace them. Umbrella insurance can prevent you from losing everything you’ve worked hard for.

Franklin Insurance Agency will Help you Cover your Assets.

Visit our office to learn more information about umbrella insurance.