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Three common questions regarding RV insurance

Having an RV insurance policy is essential for residents in Rio Rancho, NM who own an RV. We provide RV insurance policies at Franklin Insurance Agency, and we can help you cover your liabilities and protect your assets with the policies we offer. 

The following are three common questions you should be asking about RV insurance if you’re currently looking for the right policy.

What will an RV insurance policy provide coverage for?

What your RV insurance policy covers depends on what types of coverage you invest in. If you invest in only liability insurance, your RV insurance policy will cover the costs of any damages you are determined to be at fault for. 

If you invest in collision and comprehensive coverage, your policy will cover the costs of damages to your own RV. You could also opt to invest in contents coverage. In this case, your policy will cover the costs of damage to the possessions that you have within your RV.

Is it necessary to have coverage during times when I don’t use my RV?

It’s not a good idea to stop carrying coverage for your RV just because you’re not using it for a period of time. If you did this, you won’t enjoy coverage for damage to your RV that occurs while your RV is in storage.

Note that you can enjoy reduced policy premiums for RV coverage if your RV is not being used. Update your policy to indicate minimum usage of your RV and you’ll be surprised at how little continued coverage costs.

What impacts my RV insurance needs?

One of the most important factors impacting RV insurance needs is how much time you spend on the road in your RV. If you live in your RV full time, you need to specify this in your RV insurance policy and invest in more coverage. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about RV insurance in Rio Rancho, NM. At Franklin Insurance Agency, we’re here to help you with your insurance coverage needs!