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What Type of People Need to Buy an Umbrella Policy?

Holding auto, boat, and home insurance policies is a wise move, but what happens when claims made against you exceed your policy’s limits? Here at Franklin Insurance Agency in Rio Rancho, NM, we can assist you in accurately estimating the amount of insurance you’ll need. Suppose you face circumstances that could inflate the potential cost of a claim. In that case, our insurance agents are here to help you understand the benefits of umbrella insurance.

Who Benefits from Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is designed to extend your current liability insurance limits. If you have substantial savings or have recently made valuable upgrades to your home or auto, you may require the enhanced liability coverage an umbrella policy provides. People with potential injury-causing amenities like pools or trampolines, hunters, sports coaches, landlords, and owners of certain dog breeds stand to benefit significantly from umbrella insurance. These individuals often face increased liability claim risks involving extensive claims.

In such scenarios, an umbrella policy can offer significant financial protection by paying out claims that exceed your standard policy limits. Our professionals at Franklin Insurance Agency can further explain umbrella policies and address all your other insurance queries. Serving residents of Rio Rancho, NM, since 1986, we have a range of insurance solutions to suit all your needs. Call us today to discuss your insurance options with one of our seasoned agents.