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New Mexico

RV Insurance in New Mexico

New Mexico RV Insurance

Franklin Insurance Agency in Rio Rancho, NM offers RV insurance to the travelers around New Mexico. RV insurance is very similar to auto insurance in certain aspects but also provides further protection to the extra valuables you may have within your RV. It also provides extra liability for those who may be traveling with you.

RV Insurance offers various options:

  • Collision Insurance – Like auto insurance, collision insurance protects your vehicle in an accident where you are found at fault. It can cover repairs and possible replacement depending on your limits.
  • Liability – This type of coverage protects you from lawsuits and medical expenses that stem from an injury or accident you caused.
  • Medical Coverage – An RV policy will have some medical coverage benefits to cover your self and others in the event of an accident or disaster. This can cover you, family members, and guests.
  • Property Coverage – Owning an RV typically means that you will use it as a living space on certain vacations. This also means that you will probably have many more valuables on board than you would with a typical automobile. This policy can protect your belongings from theft, vandalism, and damages due to others and natural disaster.

RV coverage has a wide array of advantages

Talk with the agents of Franklin Insurance Agency in New Mexico to learn more about the advantages of an RV policy. The state requires you to have some form of liability for your RV in the event you travel on state road ways. We can help you get a quote by reaching out to us by phone or visiting our office in Rio Rancho, NM. Let us help you get started with your RV coverage.