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RV Maintenance Tips While On The Road

RVs are a great way to see the U.S.; for some people, an RV can even be a great living option. Keeping up with RV maintenance is essential to make the most of your RV ownership, especially while on the road. At Franklin Insurance Agency, serving Rio Rancho, NM, we want to help you enjoy your RV ownership more. Keep reading to learn more. 

Oil Changes 

Like all vehicles, oil changes are a massive part of RV maintenance. It can be easy while traveling to forget some basic types of vehicle maintenance. Even if you are out on the road when oil changes come due, be sure to prioritize this maintenance task. 

Tire Maintenance 

Tire maintenance is essential while you are traveling long distances in your RV. Not only is tire maintenance important for vehicle care, but it can also significantly affect your safety while traveling. Tire blowouts can cause serious accidents. RVs are larger than most other vehicles, so the risk they pose to other vehicles is greater. Keep on top of tire maintenance to keep yourself and other drivers safe. 


You should also make sure that security measures are properly maintained. Allowing things such as locks to go unmaintained can put you and your family at risk while traveling. It is sometimes challenging to keep your RV safe when you are in different locations often. Ensure that locks and windows are always in good working order and secured. 

If you want to learn more about RV insurance, please get in touch with us at Franklin Insurance Agency, which serves Rio Rancho, NM, and the surrounding areas.